On 24/5/1886, Rev. Cook Started his church planting work in the Southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, ie in Johor Baru. Due to the shortage of pastors in the beginning, he invited a brethren selling bible to take charge of the church there. That brethren had been baptised by one Rev. Duffus. During the early stage of the church planting. Dato James Maldrum, who was the son-in-law of the then missionary of the London Missionary Society in Singapore Rev. B. Keasberry, requested for a piece of land for the church from H. R. H. Sultan Abu Bakar. That piece of land; measuring 3 acres, was the present site of the Holy Light Church ground. Rev. Cook was the Interim Moderator, while Mr Ban Quee Pek was the first preacher. The first Presbyterian Church was thus formed. and Dato James Meldrum who was a sawmill operator, donated many timber materials for the Church building.